Resolution as an Assistant Reporter
Resolution as an Assistant Reporter
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2017.04.07 10:28
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This is my first article for the Postech Times. Honestly, I never expected to become a journalist, for I thought that I was irrelevant to journalism, as a student hoping to become an engineer. However, in high school, I saw the school paper criticizing the school or the whole student body about the problems it has, and proposing a debate. Through the debate, the whole school realized the problem and worked together to fix it. While I was watching the process, I realized how important journalism is to a society. That’s when I started to get interested in newspapers, and that interest eventually led me to apply to the Postech Times.
I don’t expect myself to have such insight to propose problems from the start. Since I am starting from scratch when it comes to journalism, I need help and assistance. Also, as a student attending a college that is notorious for its workload, living as a student and a reporter simultaneously will be challenging. However, I am eager to go through the various experiences I will have as a journalist.
To me, journalists are the sentinels of democracy. Armed with pen, paper and camera, they are the ones who reveal the dark sides of society, and demand attention to it. They are the triggers of the society’s process of self-purification. Keeping that image in my mind, as an assistant reporter, my resolution is only to write the truth, and be as objective and impartial as possible. Since I am writing for an official paper now, I will strictly review my article until it is appropriate for publication, for the minute difference of vocabulary causes the difference in nuance, which can change the article’s meaning. I hope that I can keep my resolutions during my career as a reporter.