2016 POSTECH Student Union “Cider”: Pros and Cons
2016 POSTECH Student Union “Cider”: Pros and Cons
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2017.01.01 16:54
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The term of POSTECH Student Union “Cider,” is coming to end, which means it is time to evaluate what the company did well and ways in which it didn’t live up to expectations.
Pro 1: Correspondence to MND’s announcement on Abolition of Alternative Military Service On May 16, 2016, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced its plan on abolishing the alternative military service through gradually decreasing the number of recruitment by 2023. The main beneficiaries of the alternative service are students majoring in natural science or engineering, as they are allowed to continue to research or work through Technical Research Personnel (TRP) in lieu of mandatory military service. As Postechians are very closely related to this, the Student Union quickly took action to strongly oppose the abolition of TRP. The Student Union focused on gathering Postechian’s thoughs on the abolition and confirming the validity of the MND’s announcement. The president of the student union, Kim Sangsoo (LIFE 13), participated in the press conference held at the National Assembly as a POSTECH student representative and strongly opposed the MND’s decision.
Pro 2: Present from Cider- Flight cheaper than KTX: Korean Air Lines Promotion The Student Union succeeded in winning a contract with Korean Air Lines, offering Postechians a 40 % discount on a flight from Pohang Airport to Gimpo International Airport on Jun. 16, 2016. The price was 43,000 KRW, less than the 53,600 KRW KTX ride from Pohang to Seoul Station. The flight takes about 50 minutes, much less than two-and-a-half-hour KTX ride. A total of 73 Postechians participated in this promotion, and they were also offered a free ride to the airport. Prizes were also given out, nominees restricted to the 73 students. The grand prize was a round trip ticket from Seoul to Pohang. Surprisingly, the president of the student union was the winner.
Con: Shortage of parcel boxes at the end of first semester The Dorm Union prepared 300 more parcel boxes than the sales of the previous year at the end of first semester. However, the boxes sold out much faster than expected. Hyundai Parcel Delivery Service, which took charge of the delivery, provided 150 more boxes, but it wasn’t enough. The Dorm Union had no other choice but to sell a hundred more boxes previously planned to be sold after summer session. Even with such additional supply, not all students had the chance to buy the boxes they needed and had to find their own. The 30th POSTECH Student Union “Cider,” went through a rough year, having had to deal with tons of unexpected issues, abolition of alternative military service being one of them. Nevertheless, they succeeded in managing these issues, leaving Postechians a lot less to worry about. There may be differing opinions about Cider’s work, but they clearly tried their best for students.