Dorm Union Directors Are Elected
Dorm Union Directors Are Elected
  • Reporter Park Geun-Woo
  • 승인 2016.12.07 10:59
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On Nov. 8 at 20:00, public hearing for the three associations’ presidential candidates took place at Room 301 in Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg. The following passage is solely based on the candidates’ remarks and presentation materials, and inquiries to the candidates. 
In 31st Dorm Union director election, only one candidate, with one vice-director candidate, applied. The candidate for the director was Sung Min-Sik, and the vice-director candidate was Hwang Su-Yun. Both candidates had been working for the Dorm Union for one year in the Public Affairs Executive Department, and for the 30th season (fall 2016), Sung Min-Sik had been working as the chief of the department.
Candidate Sung declared his campaign motto as “Happiness Laboratory.” The campaign consisted of three commitments: student residents’ breakfast, better convenience in dorms, and fundamental changes in the Dorm Union itself.
First pledge was proposed as a solution for late-night sleeping Postechians, which make up a large portion of the campus population, who are just not able to move to cafeteria in the morning. The candidate is proposing a delivery system of dairy products, lunchboxes and fruits to student residents in weekday mornings. It was promised to be taken into campus-wide scale contract to lower the cost. By taking it into action, dorm residents would be able to use the delivery service at a low cost with more systematic convenience.
Candidate Sung also stepped forward to work out dorm parking space issues. Bicycles were probably so difficult to find parking spaces that it even got to the stage where they were parked inside the dorms. Previous solution by housemaster that expanded the parking spaces itself just did not work. Candidate Sung saw the essence of the problem in abandoned bicycles. He proposed to verify the existence of the user, and to collect the unidentified bicycles after an announcement. If it works, he is planning to implement it for every two-wheeled vehicle left alone in dorm parking spaces.
In the final remarks, candidate Sung expressed his thoughts about dorm regulations and dorm chief system. Currently, the most controversial regulations are about smoking spaces inside the dormitory area, and noise inside the dorms. The problem about the smoking spaces is basically the discord between the non-smokers and smokers. Dorm Union clarified that the residents did have the right to smoke, but also that the rest of the residents had no reason to suffer from the cigarette smoke. However, there were people who smoke right outside the dorms without any serious penalty. The noise issue stems from the fact that there are no direct regulations regarding noise. In conclusion, the candidate is planning to adjust and modify the current dorm resident regulations to fit the current needs. Recently, the dorm chief system had been seen as too much work for one chief. The future plan for this is to elect one more vice-chief, and to revise the dorm rules to make them valid.