Passion of Pohang 2016
Passion of Pohang 2016
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2016.10.12 16:58
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Passion of Pohang (POP) is a festival directed by student steering committees from three universities of Pohang: Sunlin University, Handong University, and POSTECH. POP has been held since 2006 as a mean of promoting social intercourse between the students from Handong University and POSTECH. Sunlin University joined the alliance just a year later, forming what is called Pohang University Association today. The city of Pohang started backing the occasion from 2007, uncovering POP as conducive to shaping the city community’s culture. POP is striving to expand itself from a meetup between universities to an official festival of Pohang.
On Oct. 1, this year’s Passion of Pohang took place in downtown central shopping district Yukgeori. The event caught many people’s attention with diversified experiences. First, there were some booths designed and prepared by students from the three universities. From POSTECH, Eumirang Radio (a comprehensive culture club) prepared up for a cocktail booth named “Eumirang Cocktail.” From Handong University and Sunlin University, there was “Golden Time” booth where people could check their blood pressure and blood sugar amount, and four more booths that ran throughout whole day, with one booth from KT Corporation.
The main event took place onstage full-time, featuring different MC’s in the starting shows and the performances of each universities’ clubs. From POSTECH, CTRL-D, Bremen, GTLOVE and P-Funk showed to other universities and the public brilliant performances. In addition to this, many great singers from each of the universities joined the singing competition and made the festival more vibrant. In retrospect, it would have been worthwhile for the POSTECH freshmen in that this event was about the only time that they could see the performers from Sunlin University and Handong University together.
To get the picture of how this occasion had been made possible, The Postech Times interviewed two of the organizing committees who participated in Passion of Pohang 2016 as staffs; from the general affairs team, Ye-Young Jung (Global Leadership 16) of Handong University, and as the representative of POSTECH student council, Sang-Soo Kim (LIFE 13) of POSTECH took part in the record.
“This year’s goal of POP was to make the event a treasured experience for everyone,” Ye-Young Jung said. On the issue of the special trait of the event, Sang-Soo Kim mentioned, “The event had been organized by the students from the three universities together, along with city of Pohang. It was a real challenge to distribute work between universities far apart from each other. Especially for this year, the city of Pohang proposed to the organizing committee to bring the event the same day as Korea Shopping Festa and nationwide Streamlet Culture Festival.” 
As a matter of fact, there was a lot to see and experience during the day for the public. Sung-Jun Park (Undeclared 16) commented, “A variety of stage performances from many schools, booths and event prizes made the event very exciting. But the downside was, there seemed to be a lack of publicity activities and not much actually interesting booths. I hope that one day this festival becomes an event like POSTECH-KAIST Science War by diversifying the stage events or adding sports games between universities.”