Smartphone Destroys Life Balance
Smartphone Destroys Life Balance
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:12
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Nomophobia Syndrome
Symptoms may be trivial rather than serious, but they can negatively affect people’s lives. The term nomophobia (synthesized of no, mobile, and phobia) has been coined. It refers to people who are constantly clinging to their smartphones and acting violently when forcibly separated from their phones. Nomophobia is common among people in their twenties. According to the analysis, people with nomophobia tent to have several symptoms like sleep texting, screen insomnia, phantom vibration syndrome, turtle neck syndrome, etc.
Sleep texting is when addicted people text message when they are almost asleep and they do not remember what they texted. It is a kind of parasomnia caused by overuse of smartphone and habit. Smartphones are made bright enough to be seen comfortably in the afternoon, so the brightness is often excessive at night, which causes screen insomnia. After looking at a smartphone, its afterimage remains in people’s eyes and brains and prevents them from sleeping well. Phantom vibration syndrome means that people sense a vibration that did not actually occur. The sensation causes them to check their smartphone. A human’s neck is on the same line as its shoulders. However, when people have turtle neck syndrome, their necks are in front of their shoulder line. This is caused by improper posture when using a smartphone. These symptoms may not be serious, but they negatively affect people’s lives.
Popcorn Brain Syndrome
Simply speaking, popcorn brain syndrome occurs when the brain loses sensibility and is becoming lethargic to the real life. The brain cannot realize other people’s emotions and is slow to respond to changes in an environment. It only reacts according to the immediate situation. A science journal, PLOS ONE, discovered that this occurs because the size of decrease of prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for thinking and recognition. The problem is that the cause of it is not only the overuse of smartphone but also the overuse of Internet and that it occurs among children.
Smartphones have brought about the information fluent age and many conveniences for daily life. However, people have must be mindful of the harmful influence smartphones can have on daily life, life balance, and even their brain. If not, smartphone will bring disaster to one’s life. There is a four-character Chinese proverb that could be translated, “The words of his mouth are like honey, but a knife is hidden in his clothes.” If users do not protect themselves from the potential dangers, that proverb could be true about smartphones.