Communicate with DICE!
Communicate with DICE!
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2013.12.04 22:12
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Over the past few years the number of foreign exchange students studying in POSTECH has increased tremendously - you will come across at least one international student every day. The majority of international students may find Korean environment unfamiliar at first sight and may have hard times due to cultural differences, but how do they adapt to this?
International students studying in POSTECH live in DICE (Dormitory for International Students) as well as graduate apartments. DICE has hosted numerous events with a primary goal of encouraging foreign students to get used to the Korean culture and the environment, as well as promoting interaction among the international and Korean community. This year, 4 major events have taken place in POSTECH.
The “Single party”, a party hosted in April, literally conveys an idea of building couples but in reality, it is more about meeting new people and socializing. During “Sunrise festival” in May, along with other departments, DICE had two booths where exotic traditional dishes and beverages from 8 different countries including Vietnam, Austria, and Germany were sold. It definitely was a unique experience for some Postechians who have never been to these countries. During the event, Korean and international students sat around a round table chit-chatting and sharing food and drinks, especially specialties ordered from other booths. One of the most successful events hosted by DICE was none other than “Oktoberfest”. Tables were set up in Atlas Hall in the Student Union Bldg. for students to sit around and interact; sausages and pretzels were served with German beer. There was a “Halloween” party in early November, too.
In DICE, about 8 programs are held weekly from 10P.M.-12A.M. to strengthen bonds within the DICE community. One of them, called “Shikdorak”, aims to encourage exchange students to try out traditional Korean food every Tuesday in Korean restaurants in Pohang. They would write a review on the dishes and DICE is planning to create a webpage introducing restaurants in English whereby all the reviews are posted online for future exchange students to read. “This is my hometown” is another program in which international students prepare presentation slides in advance and introduce their home-country in front of DICE residents. Membership training (MT) is held in the beginning of every semester. Students rent a pension and stay overnight. Exchange students would feel more at home and less likely to feel awkward in this way.
DICE still believes that there is still room for improvement. They are currently working on a program called “Homecoming day” that allows all exchange students to keep in touch even when they return to their respective countries. They would leave videos or written messages to be posted online. According to DICE, many former exchange students have recommended POSTECH to their fellow friends and many have come over as exchange students. DICE is also hoping that graduate exchange students would move out to graduate apartments from DICE because these students study in POSTECH for 5-6 years. In this way, there would be an influx of undergraduates going in and out of DICE every semester; students would benefit and have a more positive image of POSTECH.