Mentor, a Lifelong Advisor
Mentor, a Lifelong Advisor
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.11.06 14:38
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Do you have your own mentor in your life? Everyone might have a different definition of mentor but, in this column, I want to give you my own definition on who a mentor is and how to find a great mentor in one’s life and to be a great mentee. Today, many people use the term ‘mentor’ in a number of situations, most of which indicate those teachers who have known them for a considerably long period in their lives or have given lessons outside the textbook.
In order to know what a mentor and mentoring is, let’s first see where this word ‘mentor’ was originated. This story goes back to the Trojan War in the Greek myth. Being a friend of Odysseus and the son of Alkimos, Mentor was asked to take care of Odysseus’ son Telemachus during the war. According to the Odyssey by Homer, Mentor was not only just his teacher but also, sometimes, his friend as well as father, giving Telemachus numerous vital lessons for his life as a leader. The fact, that Telemachus always asked Mentor for suggestions whenever he had hard time making any decision, describes how significant Mentor was to Telemachus. Like this, mentor is a wise and trusted lifelong counselor or advisor.
Then, how could people find their great mentors. You have to first ask yourself why you need a mentor in your life. There will be a variety of reasons there, and every person might have different reason. It could be either to get some advices on determining future careers or just to look for a person who will be able to stand behind you for a lifetime, being a reliable assistant. If you found the reason why you are looking for a person like Mentor to Telemachus, then you should look around to find a suitable person. That could be your family or even your boss at work. Mentoring program, which suggests you several excellent mentors, is also great place to start a relationship.
Once you find a mentor, this is not the end. You should maintain a desirable relationship with your mentor. The most significant factor in order to do that is to trust and be honest to your mentor. Telemachus asked Mentor everything without adjustments of facts if he had trouble with. Mentor is not a mind-reader; therefore, you have to be honest about how you feel or what you think. Also, you should be open to advices from your mentor, taking those advices delightfully. The last thing is communication. Mentor is not merely a person who gives you what he or she knows but you do not. Interaction through communication would make both your mentor and yourself better off.