Postechians Enjoy in Harmony
Postechians Enjoy in Harmony
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:03
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Arduous Dancing Parade of Freshmen
Every year, freshmen from several departments practice dances for the festival, and this dancing parade has marked the beginning of the school festival every year. This affair was originally started for freshmen to cultivate friendships. However, the practice is sometimes too burdensome to do at the same time with studying. How so freshmen themselves think about this dancing parade and the practice for it?
Summing up what freshmen said about the practice, one opinion in common was that they are required to spend way too much time on the practice. In case of one department, they had a practice every day, even on Buddha’s birthday, which is a national holiday. Moreover, every practice was held for five hours, from 9 P.M. to 2 A.M. After this, they just went straight to the bed. Not only was there no time for doing homework, but it also affected morning classes of the following day. There were some students who missed the classes because they could not get up in the morning. Overall, students were against the system that forces them to participate in freshmen dancing. In CiTE, all the freshmen voluntarily decided to prepare it; therefore, they were more positive about this event.
On the other hand, almost every student, even those who did not dance in the festival, admitted that this dancing practice has a positive effect on meeting others and making friends. Especially, those who did not participate in this affair said they became envious the most when they looked at a group of freshmen spending time together and getting along with each other.
When I asked those who just finished their performances how they felt, the first word they used was “freedom”. They finally got free from the practice, and they said they would never want to do it again. However, after some time after the festival, there were also many students who described their experiences as a precious memory rather than merely a backbreaking one. According to what they said, advantages of this annual custom outweigh the disadvantages it has. What has to be changed is just a small part of it.
 Considering what freshmen are saying about this dancing parade, it is obvious that the practice for the parade is sometimes too onerous for freshmen who are already busy enough adapting to the college life. On the other hand, what most students admitted is that it is actually helpful for improving friendships. Thus, if the loads of practice are somewhat decreased, most freshmen would be happy to participate, making the festival more colorful and exciting.