Three Postechians Among Hundred Who Will Honor the Future of Korea
Three Postechians Among Hundred Who Will Honor the Future of Korea
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.04.13 01:21
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▲ In counterclockwise direction, Prof. Seunghwan Kim, Prof. Kimoon Kim, Prof. Hyungju Park, Prof. Donhee Ham (from upper right side)

Among nearly 250 faculty members of POSTECH, how many of them can be ranked among the best academic leaders of Korea? The Dong-A Ilbo, one of the three major newspapers of Korea, selected 100 people from five fields of interest who are expected to honor Korea after ten years. Among 20 dreaming pioneers were three POSTECH professors and one visiting professor, Prof. Kimoon Kim (CHEM), Prof. Seunghwan Kim (PHYS), Prof. Hyungju Park (MATH) and visiting Prof. Donhee Ham from Harvard University.

One of the POSTECH Fellows, Prof. Kimoon Kim is a worldwide authority on supermolecular chemistry. Once nominated as one of the 100 scholars who published most in Angewandte Chemie, he has long since attracted public attention for creative research developing technologies in bioscience and nanoscience.

Prof. Seunghwan Kim is expected to be a leader in scientific society, as executive director of the Asia-Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics and president of the Institute for Edge of Theoretical Science. He played a major role in inviting the Max Planck Institute to POSTECH and in the Promotion Proclamation of the Citizens’ Coalition for a Scientific Society.

Prof. Hyungju Park had a key part as chairman of the organizing committee in inviting the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians to Seoul, commonly called the olympics of mathematical society. He is also actively participating in communication with citizens through broadcasting and public writing.