Opening of Gallery Cafe ‘Monet’
Opening of Gallery Cafe ‘Monet’
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.05.05 14:33
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▲ View of gallery cafe Monet. There are artworks around it.
Monet, the new gallery cafe installed in the Jigok Community Center, started its display from Apr. 1 after remodeling. The new gallery cafe is exhibiting works of local artists as well as selling high-quality coffee. The collection of works presented on Monet will cover all genres of art, changing the whole of them three times a month. It opens at 10:00, and closes at 02:00 the next day. (The coffee shop closes at 21:00).

Why was it remodeled and changed into a gallery cafe? The POSTECH Welfare Team announced its purpose to increase a perspective and sensibility on arts thought easy to be deficient for students of science and engineering departments. Long before the gallery cafe, there was a coffee shop and a campus bookstore. Last year, it was transformed into empty space with chairs and tables for students. However, the officer of the Welfare Team emphasized its aimless drift by the reckless usage of visitors and low frequency of students especially in the daytime. To switch it to a better use, it was reformed into the gallery cafe.

Basically, the display of works is made with contact to local artists and a selection process. Mr. Kwon Su-gil, the manager of the General Services Center with experience in Oriental painting, took on the role of curator. Because there is no gallery able to naturally and easily interface with spectators in Pohang, it is said that the gallery cafe is very popular with local artists. Nevertheless, because it is not an earning business, no fee is paid for exhibition.

Mention must also be made of the coffee shop, the other feature of the gallery cafe. The Welfare Team invited external baristas to serve better tasting coffee. Despite this, the price of a cup of coffee is lower than 3,000 KRW, which is very cheap in Korea. The Welfare Team explains that what it really wants is not earnings but a supply of artworks and a space for them.

Mr. Lee Jae-chul, the manager of the Welfare Team explained, “For the aim of the president and government of the university, to raise the insight of students to the arts, we will make an effort for the gallery cafe to be settled as a landmark of POSTECH”.