Biotech License Signed with BASF
Biotech License Signed with BASF
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.01.01 21:01
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POSTECH, Genomine, a South Korean venture, and BASF Plant Science, the biotechnical division of the German chemical company BASF, entered into a license agreement. The focus is on the discovery of genes that help maximize yields in staple food and feed crops. This includes genes that increase yield under normal circumstances as well as under adverse  conditions such as drought.

Genomine, one of the leading bio-venture companies in Korea, creates value by gathering source materials and genes. In addition, Genomine has leading edge technology in identifying useful plant genes by utilizing functional genomics and proteomics technology. By using these, Genomine plays a vitally important role in acting as the liaison between industry and academia. Currently, most of the founders and researchers of Genomine are from POSTECH.

POSTECH contributes to the agreement with its competencies in early discovery work. Furthermore, Genomine added extra competencies in gene discovery. BASF Plant Science is responsible for the development of the genes in commercial crops, including rice and corn. The technology will bring better crops to farmers.