Becoming a POSTECH Reporter
Becoming a POSTECH Reporter
  • Park Eu-gene
  • 승인 2020.07.14 18:42
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Reporter Park Eu-gene
Reporter Park Eu-gene

Since I was young, I loved reading. When I was a child, I preferred reading fiction because my imagination could transport me to exotic and magical places. But as I grew older, my curiosity and thirst for knowledge led me to prefer nonfiction, so that I could better understand the world around me. Nowadays, I find stories in the real world even more intriguing and fascinating than fictitious stories.
As an assistant reporter, I will mature and develop further. I decided to apply as a reporter for The Postech Times, because I want to share news stories, not just read them. Thus, I hope to actively contribute to POSTECH.
The proverb “the pen is mightier than the sword” emphasizes how the news we read and the stories we tell are a powerful influence in society. Therefore, my first aim is to bring awareness and attention to the most important and pressing problems both in POSTECH and the world. It is wrong to assume that POSTECH students are only interested in pure science and technology subjects. I wish to make use of POSTECH’s strength in science and technology through writing about the connection between science and economics, politics, and society.
My second goal is to write articles that are informative and relevant. To write informative articles, I will try my best to research carefully, using credible sources to convey accurate information and using a variety of sources to deliver a balance of different perspectives and opinions. Furthermore, I will try to highlight the sources’ relevance by researching their context, for example, by comparing the current news with similar ones from different times and places. If I succeed, my articles will broaden Postechians’ knowledge regarding a wide range of current affairs.
Finally, I aim to write articles that are directly useful to Postechians. I will write articles that celebrate POSTECH’s achievements and successes, introduce various events on campus, and interview members of the university to share their experiences.
I am honored and excited to become a reporter of The Postech Times, and I hope my future articles will be informative, relevant, and useful.