Reputation Manipulation by ‘Druking’
Reputation Manipulation by ‘Druking’
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2018.05.10 10:18
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In 2012, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) wrote postings and comments that slandered the opposition candidate during the presidential election. It was said that the president of NIS instructed subordinates to work on the political side of the internet for a few years. Whether public opinion manipulation effected the result of the election or not, former president Park was elected. Those that were involved were recently penalized.

This April, a similar affair took place. The culprit ‘Druking’ was a power blogger who had advocated for the Democratic party since the early 2000s. He established a ghost publishing company and manipulated comments and the number of recommendations using a macro program. He worked online advocating President Moon before and after the presidential election. However, after being rejected by a member of the National Assembly for the Consul General in Osaka, he took a different path. He started to speak ill of the government in quantity and his group was charged through an accusation of the Democracy Party. The police launched an investigation on apparent illegal comment manipulations during the last 19th presidential election. The relationship between the government and Druking is not yet clear.

In this era of overflowing information, people cannot experience all incidents that happen around us. That is why content manipulation by a governmental agency or Druking should not have happened. Individuals cannot but act on the others’ opinion without clearly knowing what one is doing. As technology progresses rapidly, manipulation of information has become easier and inevitable. Stricter regulations are being requested. Also, rational and proper judgments from people will help stop content manipulation from spreading.