4th Group of Volunteers in Ethiopia for Science and IT Education
4th Group of Volunteers in Ethiopia for Science and IT Education
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
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From Jun. 25-Aug. 15, thirty POSTECH students educated and physically volunteered for Ethiopian students. They were sep- arated into two teams. One team taught science to MELCA ADAMA primary school students, who had not had an opportunity to experience such teaching. This team was supported by Woori Bank. The other team taught PowerPoint, Excel, and Photoshop to Adama Science and Technology University officers and students. This group was supported by the National Information Society Agency. In addition to education, they built a toilet, school gate with drawings by themselves, and a soccer goal post for the primary school.
Furthermore, they made a general collector, bricks frame, and a toilet that can recycle feces to fertilizer through appropriate technology, which they had studied from Korea for more than a month. From the bargain sale, in which the items were donated by Postechians and students from other universities, the volunteers provided food and stationary for the primary school students. The volunteers also repaired desks and chairs. Everyone hoped that the students would use the facilities well and that they learned a lot from the education.