[Assistant Reporter] Words, Stronger than Might
[Assistant Reporter] Words, Stronger than Might
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:19
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When I first entered high school, I wanted to write for the school’s English newspaper. And I did. However, the articles that I wrote were for promotional purposes, unlike the normal newspaper articles, we think of, that are for information delivery purposes. Some people might say “It’s writing, what’s the difference?”, but for me personally writing to promote something is one thing and writing solely to deliver information is another.

After somewhat disheartened two years of writing what I thought were not real newspaper articles, I got the news that I was accepted at POSTECH. Some people after graduating high school, and getting some freedom, want to experience new things, and do stuff that they have never done before.  But in my case , I wanted to do over and fully and really experience being a journalist. 

Information nowadays is very important, and newspaper is one of the biggest media that we get our information from. That  means being a journalist comes with great responsibility. I for one will try to be the best journalist I can be while I for The Postech Times.

To be, as I said, the best journalist I can be, I will try to uphold two rules. Rule number one, punctuality. The newspaper can only be printed and distributed when all the articles are written. That means when someone doesn’t keep the due date, all the others suffer. I won’t just try to be punctual, I ‘will be’ punctual, and keep all due dates.

Rule number two, cooperation. Being a journalist, not only contains the actual writing, but also includes cooperating via brainstorming and debating with each other to come up with article topics and ways to improve the quality of writing. With help from my great seniors and fellow journalists, I will be the most cooperative fellow they can ever find.

With these two rules, I think I can manage being a journalist for the prestigious The Postech Times.  I am looking forward to being a journalist with all the good days waiting for me.