[Assistant Reporter] A New Step Forward
[Assistant Reporter] A New Step Forward
  • Reporter Lee Seung-Joo
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:21
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Anyone who has known me long enough would describe me as an ambitious challenge-lover, sometimes even too daring and affected. Certainly, I’m a person who can make my life difficult by overburdening myself. But I enjoy such a lifestyle as it allows me to fully enjoy my life. YOLO, (You Only Live Once) the controversial trend, just happens to be one of my favorite statements. Yes, we only live once, and yes this makes time so valuable and limited. So isn’t it logical to say that we should make the most out of this limited resource?

As of Feb. 19, we are all proud Postechians and will be until the 4 or 5 years till graduation. If we assume that we live up to 100 years, this might be just 5% of our whole life. However, we are only young for a certain amount of time, only until a certain age can we be bold and courageous, and only now we are allowed to make mistakes and stand up again to make more. That makes the time we spend in POSTECH much more valuable than the 20 years we might be spending much later; the very reason I decided to become a reporter for The Postech Times.

A reporter is an explorer who attentively searches for information, a seeker who yearns to gain knowledge about their interest; in my case, POSTECH. Becoming a reporter, in my opinion, is the best way to love POSTECH and to fully utilize my time here. As a reporter I will learn, understand, and love POSTECH more than anyone else and will strive to pass on such strong emotions to other students through interesting articles regarding POSTECH. I believe that a reporter, especially in a school community newspaper, is a mediator who helps students understand more about their university. Through articles about different school events, issues, and more, my goal is to connect the school and students together as one. I hope all students in POSTECH will spend their time here to its maximum utility and learn to understand and love their school. Through my articles, I aim for all Postechians to become knowledgeable about their school community.