[Assistant Reporter] Resolutions Before Taking a New Path
[Assistant Reporter] Resolutions Before Taking a New Path
  • Reporter Ryu Nu-ri
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:27
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It is truly a great honor to join The Postech Times! My lack of experience in journalism made me hesitate from applying for the job. However, after I heard that The Postech Times is not just a translation of the Korean newspaper, I changed my mind. I thought that exchange students and other foreign students at POSTECH might have a hard time catching up with all the latest information about what’s happening at POSTECH, since most of the information is shared mainly in Korean. I wanted to contribute to resolving this unbalance of information, and that’s why I decided to become a reporter. Now that I have been accepted to work as a junior reporter, I’d like to share my resolutions as a reporter to all the readers of The Postech Times.

My first resolution is to report on current issues at POSTECH that any foreigners may have missed. As well, I will try to become more aware of the interests of students from countries other than Korea. Of course this does not mean that I will be neglectful in providing my services to Korean students at POSTECH!

My second resolution is to write using only verified facts. I have witnessed people become emotionally wounded through accusations and groundless rumors. Therefore, I will always keep in mind to double check any sources or materials to ascertain whether or not they are based on concrete facts. I shall always keep a discreet attitude when it comes to writing articles, and shall not damage the reputation of fair reporting of The Postech Times.

My third resolution is to gradually show improvement in my articles, to all the readers. It’s been a while since I wrote something in English, so my English writing might not be so readable. Please feel free to point out any poor expressions or errors in my articles to help my writing skills improve. Also, to improve my English writing skills, I am planning to develop a routine of memorizing a wide range of English vocabulary every day. I really do hope that I’d be able to write clear and interesting articles for all readers by doing this.