Pipettes Become Smarter
Pipettes Become Smarter
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2017.09.20 07:24
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Pipettes, the apparatus used in laboratories to transfer or measure small quantities of liquid, will be greatly improved from the present.
Professors Kim Dong-sung (ME), Choi Dong-whi (ME, research assistant professor), and Zong-Hong Lin (National Tsing Hua University) collaborated to develop a smart pipette tip, which can analyze the concentration of the solution in the pipette. The research was announced on Nano Energy, a prestigious academic journal.
The team previously found out that charges are generated while carrying the solution inside the pipette, and the intensity of the charge varies according to the concentration of the solution. Using the discovery, with the addition of a generating device on the pipette tip, they successfully analyzed the concentration of a solution swiftly and accurately. With this invention, a vexatious step can be omitted, making experiments brief and precise.
Prof. Kim expects various uses of his invention. “Since we overcame the limits of the conventional method, this can be applied in various industrial sites” he said, also noting that “we also expect developments in appropriate technologies, such as developing countries’ water analyzation.”

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