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A POSTECH Professor is Selected as a DCS Rising Researcher
[386호] 2017년 05월 24일 (수) Reporter Lee Jun-yong .
Professor Rho Jun-suk (ME, CE) was selected as one of the Defense and Commercial Sensing (DCS) Rising Researcher by the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). The award is granted to young researchers who showed outstanding results in optics, photoelectronics, and imaging. Prof. Rho obtained his Ph.D at UC Berkley, and became a professor at POSTECH on 2014. His research features metamaterials, also known as the material for the invisibility cloak. Using the material, he developed new methods in optical microscope manufacturing. Additionally, Prof. Rho was awarded the ‘Young Investigator Award’ by the Optical Society of Korea last year for the same research.

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