New Cancer Detecting Technique Using Quantum Dot
New Cancer Detecting Technique Using Quantum Dot
  • Reporter Kang Min-seok
  • 승인 2017.04.07 10:33
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Professor Kim Sung-jee (CHEM) and Director of Asan Medical Center (AMC) Biomedical Center Myung Seung-jae joint research team has developed a diagnostic technique that can detect cancer by quantum dot and notice it by infrared light. Quantum dot was utilized in premium televisions or solar battery cell but its medical use as a contrast medium is also being actively researched. The research team successfully controlled the near-infrared light signal, utilizing the electron flow between quantum dot and its surface. Jeong Sang-hwa (CHEM, Ph.D), the lead author, said, “This research will lead to a development of quantum dot probe that can detect other organic molecules.”