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Mindset As a Newbie Reporter
[384호] 2017년 04월 07일 (금) Reporter Park Hee-won logos99@
I wanted something I had never experienced before entering POSTECH. Repeated lifestyle and old hobbies from high school just kept me bored and exhausted. Full of hope, I applied for the Postech Times, expecting new challenges ahead of me. At the first glimpse, as one senior said, newspaper work seemed so productive and rewarding. It felt as if it were the last chance to take part in this affair.
On the day I first met the seniors here, they highly emphasized due date and earnestness such as attending every meeting. Punctuality, responsibility and modesty are virtue for all grown-ups as well. Being a reporter may teach those assets to this growing up freshman. As little as it may be, contribution to publishing papers may mean a lot to me and it is an honor to be a newbie reporter.
Most of the freshmen here put top priority in their studies; So did I. Actually, this concerned me when I was applying to the newspaper press. People said it was time-consuming, a demanding work for POSTECH students who have lots of work to do. However, if I make the most of my time, I truly believe that it would be fully possible to keep up with while doing both of them. Even if so, I cannot give up all the things I will be learning as a reporter.
Obviously, I am new here and have no career in this field. However, I love English and writing. I will do my best to write good quality of articles with passion and get along with peers. Informing people correctly and reporting breaking news will be fun and worthwhile because decent reporter should always talk about facts and it is the most attractive part of newspaper. Gate-keeping is everywhere, but truth is the best weapon of the press. I will follow the virtue of reporting truth not only to enhance my objectivity but to conform to conscience.
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