Trespassing on Male and Female Floor on RC
Trespassing on Male and Female Floor on RC
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2017.01.01 17:02
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Incidents related to male students trespassing on female residential college buidlings (RC) have caused a stir at POSTECH. The first incident occurred when the RC had a fire drill on Nov. 11. When the drill is carried on, students in RC have to evacuate. A male student went to a female floor, entered a room, and was seen by a student who uses the room. The victim told the situation to a residential assistant (RA), and the assailant confessed to what he did.
However, by an erroneous conclusion of RAs, the assailant received only 40 penalty points. After numerous complaints, RAs reported the entire incident from the beginning and apologized for their inappropriate attitude. After the re-examination, penalty points were modified to 70 points which indicate that the assailant must be expelled from dormitory indefinitely. Some Postechians have claimed that the RAs who treated the affair should also be punished or be deprived of his/her position as RA.
The other incident involved two female students going to floor of the other sex when one of the elevators was not working. When the assailants went to the floor, the victim was half-naked. The assailants of this affair were caught.