Full Story of Cleanup Affair in RC
Full Story of Cleanup Affair in RC
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2016.10.12 16:59
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Residential College (RC) in POSTECH is used as event building in summer or winter semester. Every student who lives in RC has to leave the dormitory during vacation. In one of English lectures, Campus English, class students are exceptionally permitted to live in RC 12th, 13th floor during the summer semester. During the move into RC, an affair associated with cleanup happened at the beginning of summer semester. A Postechian wrote on POSTECH lounge in Povis, with anonymous ID ‘Hwarang.’ In the writing, Hwarang said he joined Campus English class. Hwarang said more than one room in RC 13th floor hadn’t been cleaned. He mentioned bathroom drain was clogged and was not cleaned in several rooms. There was even a room with chicken bones on the floor.
The writing was posted on Jun. 19 and Residential Assistant (RA) of 13th floor at the time replied on that writing three hours later on the same date. He answered that the room mentioned about chicken bones was where student on leave of absence had lived. The student did not vacate his room after an official date which was May 31. RAs of the floor did not take any steps for a while because they were not aware about when student on leave of absence has to be evicted. After the RAs found that the student continually lived in RC, they decided to give him an extra week for moving out. The problem is, supposedly other students in same floor used that room as a lounge after the student went out. Information provided from the POSTECH lounge said that the period of illegal using of the room was estimated as nearly two months. However, since the student who is granted a voluntary leave vacated room on May 24 and semester ended on Jun. 14, probably the period was less than two weeks. About other things mentioned in bulletin board, RA acknowledged rooms in 13th floor were not cleaned. RA said he did not check student’s room strictly since he thought cleaning company would come and clean all rooms before Campus English class. About chicken bones, it is not sure whether chicken bones really existed in that room or not. That is because RA checked state of leaving student’s room only once after former student’s eviction. Consequently, the student who lived on RC 13th floor received penalty points for squatting. RA of 13th floor has been changed, but it turned out that the change was not because of this affair but additional application of RA. Since fewer RA were accepted in second semester, RA in 13th floor decreased to one person and two former RAs were relocated to dormitory building 20.
To conclude, giving grace period to the leaving student can be interpreted as kindness of RA. However, using empty room as personal lounge is definitely wrongful behavior. One tool to prevent reoccur of illegal using of empty room can be setting password on empty room. In addition, it is problem that RA did not instruct students in 13th floor to completely clean up their room. Although cleaning company cleans RC after all students vacate, students living in RC have to clean their own room tidily. Purpose of having students cleaned  their room is not only for making comfortable living environments, but also for educating humanism to students that tidying up their own space themselves. And it is recommended for some RAs have to be more attentive to happenings occur in RC floor in their charge.