Veni, Vidi, Vici! Victory In Five Year Break – POSTECH-KAIST Science War
Veni, Vidi, Vici! Victory In Five Year Break – POSTECH-KAIST Science War
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.09.28 22:36
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Sep. 22 to Sep. 24, two top research universities in Korea competed for the honor of victory. It was 15th POSTECH-KAIST Science War and has annually conducted since 2002. This year, Science War was conducted around POSTECH campus. On the first day, there was Science War eve festival. Official matches were planned to carry out during the rest two days, but due to the recently happened earthquake, Preparatory Committee determined to play all the matches except E-sports on the last day. The Science War newly adopted several exhibition matches, such as women’s dodgeball and POSTECH-KAIST Cyber War. However, women’s dodgeball was cancelled due to the KAIST’s unsuccessful team recruitment and changed timetable. Existing seven official events were played in order to determine the winner of the war.
The first match Hacking was carried out after the eve festival. Both teams fiercely competed for the victory all night, but POSTECH unfortunately lost the match by the score of 1454 to 1755. E-sports game, the League of Legends, was the second match and conducted on the second day, 8:20 P.M. POSTECH took the match, by winning two games in a row. Final score was 2-0. A total of 5 matches – Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Science Quiz, and, AI were conducted on the last day. Baseball lost by the score of 3-15, Basketball won by the score of 57-55, Soccer lost by the score of 0-1, Science Quiz won by the score of 2040-1440, and the final match AI won by the score of 3-1. Overall, POSTECH achieved victory by the score of 4-3, and won the Science War in a five year break.
Science War Preparatory Committee's chairman, Dong-june Choi (MATH 13) said, “It is a true honor to finish the Science War and achieve victory. Heavy rain, strong wind, and especially earthquake before the event reduced the festival to one day, and it made us worry about it. Regardless of result, I want to appreciate all Preparatory Committee, Cheero, all the players, and supporters who enthusiastically participated in and supported the Science War. I hope this victory is not only the victory in a five year break, but becomes a basis for the coming consecutive victories.” The whole campus is now heated up with the atmosphere of victory.