The Times Ranks POSTECH as The 8th University In Asia
The Times Ranks POSTECH as The 8th University In Asia
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2016.09.07 17:32
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POSTECH was selected as 8th university (first rank in Korea) in Asia University Rankings 2016 which Times Higher Education evaluated.
The Times used the same index of evaluation as World University Rankings. For example, criteria like teaching, research, citations, industry income, international outlook and so on were used. However, importance of industry income became higher because distributive research becomes more significant assignment.
POSTECH obtained high scores in citations and industry income, which shows its outstanding capabilities in research influence and academic-industrial cooperation. Especially, in industry income, POSTECH has received a world-class evaluation for six years. Close academic-industrial cooperation and active researches which has been conducted since its’ foundation also attracts public attention.
President Doh-yeon Kim commented “Many research universities in the world not only create knowledge through research but also create social and economic values, like ‘Entrepreneurial University’.”
“This trend is reflected on Asia University Rankings 2016 and POSTECH proved its effort for academic-industrial cooperation in this Rankings”, also he said.