DUALSIM Technology Accepted for SIGMOD 2016 Presentation
DUALSIM Technology Accepted for SIGMOD 2016 Presentation
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2016.06.01 12:32
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Professor Wook-Shin Han (CiTE) and Hyeonji Kim (CiTE Integrated.) developed a network analysis technology that is easy-to-use. Hyeonji Kim submitted her paper last Nov. as an undergraduate student. It is extremely rare for papers with an undergraduate student as the first author to be presented at ACM SIGMOD, a globally recognized symposium in the database field.
The new DUALSIM technology is very different from the original method. Rather than requiring hundreds of computers as a server, the new technology can handle huge amounts of graph data just by using an ordinary personal computer. Her epoch-making development requires much less usage of memory and still increases the processing speed by a dozen times.
Wook-Shin Han, her academic advisor, said this technology will have an important significance not only for fields related to data processing, biology, chemistry, etc., but also businesses and laboratories that require big data analysis, and highly praised Hyeonji Kim’s potential.

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