New Multiferroics at the Room Temperature
New Multiferroics at the Room Temperature
  • Reporter Park Min-Young
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:09
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The team of Dr. Seungwoo Song (AMS Ph.D.), whose adviser professor is Hyun Myung Jang (MSE), revealed the reason of ferroelectricity in a thin-film of GaFeO3 at room temperature. Also, the team measured large polarization which can be used at room temperature through this thin film for the first time. This research was announced in Nature’s NPG Asia Materials on Feb. 26.
The team synthesized thin film that can withstand a very high electric field and applied a high electric field to it. Then, the team successfully measured polarization 50 times larger than previous research results.
This research is expected to widen the use of ferroelectricity in many areas such as magnetoresistive random access memory devices and magneto resistance sensors.

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