Campus France Day in POSTECH
Campus France Day in POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Min-Young
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:07
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On Mar. 24, Campus France Day was held in Conference Room D of POSCO International Center. This event was for celebrating a year of mutual interchange and the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and France.
Programs were organized into three parts: introduction to French culture, introduction to study in France, and networking with French students and faculties. In the first part, Louis Palayret, who is an exchange student in CSE from UTT, France and Manon Wennagel, who is student in GIFT from the French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA), explained French culture like food and hobbies. Also, Dr. Yann Moreau, who is Attaché de coopération Scientifique et Universitaire, French Embassy in Korea introduced the system of education in French universities in the second part.
This event provided information about studying in France and French culture to Postechians and was an opportunity for them to learn more about France.

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