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Reporter Column
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:27
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The Way to Be Related with People; from the View of Introspective Person
Recently, several events for the freshmen including orientation, general meeting for opening lecture, facing ceremony, and membership training have been going on. Since the events provide chances to meet new people, problems related to human relations have emerged through the Facebook site Bamboo Grove. I want to focus on the problems related to the personality, especially introspection.
When I was in middle school, I was so introspective that I avoided people so I did not have any conversation with them. Talking with people makes me scared (except for my best friends). However, after few years, I overcame these difficulties and became a departmental student representative at university, student president, and student vice president at high school. I have been editor of The Postech Times since Mar. 1. To be extroverted, and not to be scared of people, I challenged the environment to which I belonged. I do not intend to say extroverted characteristic is better than introspective characteristic; I just want to tell introspective people how to make relationships with people.
One of the problems in conversation of introspective person is that they have nothing to tell. Many people said that for conversation, people should grasp bond of sympathy, then they would have something to tell. However, my thought about the comment is somewhat different. For conversation, people should learn how to say by joining any group of people because joining club gives you information of other people. This sounds easy. In reality, however, it is harder to find the bond of sympathy. My skill for the situation is memorizing information of people so that whenever I meet people whom I have information of, I can speak with them more confidently. This skill forms feeling that I and the object have an acquaintance, which leads to natural conversation as you also have information about him/her.
After conversation becomes easier and relationship becomes better, I try to keep the relationship. Psychologically, people avoid approaching to people and want to receive attention. It can be expressed in other words; if you try to have attention to people who you want to become familiar, then automatically, the relationship is developed. In my case, I contact people using Kakao Talk on New Year holiday, Korean Thanksgiving Day, etc. Contacting people is easy.
Until now, I explained how to keep the conversation and the relationship. To sum up, consistency, a simple method for getting to know people, and paying attention are the key points. During the four years of university life, I hope you have many nice relationships with Postechians.