Student Cafeteria Consignment Vote
Student Cafeteria Consignment Vote
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:09
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The Student Union held a poll on whether to consign the student cafeteria. The poll was held for two days, Sep. 15-16, from 9:00 to 17:00. Polling places were on the first floor of the Student Union Building, at the entrance of student cafeteria, and on the first floor of the Residential College Building. Students who are out of school were able to vote by sending an email to the Student Union.
Actually, a survey for the same subject was held last year. However, since new students  arrived and the agenda became a critical issue, a new ballot was decided at the regular meeting of student representatives on Sep. 6. The Welfare Services agreed to leave the final decision to students. If the majority of students favor the consignment, then all the restaurants on the second floor of Jigok Hall will be consigned. Moreover, the cafeteria will be remodeled, so during the remodeling period, food will be provided in a take-out form.
The votes were counted at the Student Union Office. As a final outcome, 208 students voted in favor, 647 against, and 31 abstained. The consignment was scuttled by overwhelming opposition. The number of voters on the roll was 890, and the actual number of ballot papers was 886. Since more than half (881) of the Student Union members participated in the poll, the poll is valid. Also, the error of the number of voters was disregarded because it was below the error tolerance of 3 percent.