Professor Jung Ho Je Revealed the Birth of Vortex
Professor Jung Ho Je Revealed the Birth of Vortex
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:07
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Professor Jung Ho Je (MSE) and his research team revealed the principles of the vortex formation when a water drop falls down to a liquid surface using ultrafast X-ray imaging. The results were published on Sep. 4 in Nature Communications, which was published.
They demolished the established theory widely accepted for the past 30 years, and suggested 'Ohnesorge number (Oh)' as a new criterion of the vortex formation. Furthermore, they confirmed the continuous formation of vortex for the first time, and revealed the relevance between 'Reynold number (Re)' and the number of vortices, the angular velocity, shape, and the rotational dynamics of vortex. Prof. Jung said, “Principles of vortex formation can aid in understanding natural disasters such as typhoons, make more accurate weather forecasts, and enhance the efficiency of fluid materials delivery industries.”