Postechians Enjoy Spring
Postechians Enjoy Spring
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:56
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The grass is green and most of the trees are in full bloom. To welcome spring, the POSTECH Graduation Student Association (GSA) held a cherry-blossom festival in GyeongJu. At 9 A.M. on Apr. 5, a bus bound for GyeongJu departed from the bottom of the 78 stairs and leaved from the front of Gyeongbuk Tourism office at 6 P.M. GSA provided transportation and travelers’ insurance. After participants arrived at GyeongJu, they enjoyed spring freely. GSA received 40 people on a first come first served basis. Students who are association members just paid 10,000 KRW for deposit. Non-members paid 16,000 KRW including the deposit and 6,000 KRW for entry fee. The deposit was returned to participants on the departure date in cash. Students who did not show could not receive the deposit. Any graduate student can become an association member after paying 15,000 KRW for association fee. Association members can enjoy all events this semester including this event.
Additionally, the Jigok Fountain area was full of people enjoying spring. Now it is common to see students taking pictures with flowers in the background.