Review: From Disadvantage to Merit: Intermetallic Compound
Review: From Disadvantage to Merit: Intermetallic Compound
  • Jihyun, Moon (MSE 11)
  • 승인 2015.03.18 09:41
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Realization From Nearby Source
Recently, students of the Material Science department were very excited because a POSTECH research team consisting of professor Hansoo Kim (GIFT), Prof. Nack J. Kim (GIFT), and Sang-heon Kim (GIFT Ph.D. candidate) solved the serious problem of metal. I just heard that the result was published in Nature, but I was informed of the contents of this research through The Postech Times.
When I had major class , the professor usually told us the drawback of alloys. Because an alloy is a combination of good materials, it has advanced properties, but it is hard to be mixed well. So alloys easily break down. When I studied alloys, I realized it was a main problem in that field so this solution is very impressive to me.
Through this case, I realized that we can also solve the serious problems if we try to find a solution. Ordinarily, I pretend to listen to the crux of problems because I think it is duty for competent researchers or professors, not me. But this research changed my thought. I had already known the drawback of alloys and it was overcome by the professors of our university. This created a great ripple effect to me. I realized that I am also among the people who have a duty to find solutions to serious problems.
We are Postechians. I think we have unlimited potential and enough opportunities to develop our abilities. During several years, I had forgot about our responsibility to contribute to society. I undervalued myself. Thanks to the success of our professors, I decided to make two habits.
The first one is that I try not to skip the problem and consider it deeply to find the solution. In the Material Science department, there is a subject to prepare several contests. Through this class, we can learn how to make an idea and how to complete the materialization of our idea. I think this process is the start of finding core solutions. As the researchers solved the problem by developing extremely small compounds, from now on when I face a problem I will try to make an idea to solve it. I believe this kind of training will eventually help me develop good results.
The second one is that I will try to learn from friends and professors. There are so many admirable people around us. I think I lost sight of this this fact because they always exist near me. Recently, I realized that it is a great opportunity. From now on, I will no longer take anything for granted and try to learn from them.
There are so many competent professors and students in our university so I am very grateful I am studying here. To create this kind same sense of appreciation among my underclassmen, I will also try to be a better person.