The First Linked Admission of CiTE
The First Linked Admission of CiTE
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.03.04 17:29
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The admission of the Creative IT Engineering (CiTE) Graduate Program from undergraduate students of CiTE is first linked this year. The CiTE Graduate Program has accepted students from other departments and other universities since March 2012. The undergraduate school also started in 2012. This year the first graduation for CiTE undergraduates was held. Twenty students are entering the CiTE Graduate Program in 2015: three students, Kim Jin-seok, Jo Han-seul, and Park Pyeong-su from CiTE Undergraduate Program, eight students from other departments of POSTECH, eight students from other universities, and Kyoungju Sim (CiTE Ph.D. candidate) who received a master’s degree from CiTE. No international students have entered the CiTE Graduate Program yet.
The Department of CiTE’s goal is to raise students who have creative imagination, integrative investigation, and transformative innovation. The department holds briefing sessions on its admission requirements for POSTECH students and in other universities and promotes research participation to increase students’ experience and to encourage prospective students to apply for the CiTE Graduate Program.
The CiTE has pushed forward with Creative IT Consilience Program, which is supported by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, to study Smart solutions to the world’s grand challenges and produce future global leaders. There are three fields to research since 2011; smart computing, smart devices and systems, and IT-based future healthcare. The project is expected to develop from now on.