Development often Assists Things that Exist; Photo-Acoustic Microscope
Development often Assists Things that Exist; Photo-Acoustic Microscope
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:28
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Around U.S.A. and Canada, photo-acoustic microscopes, which have high sensitivity and rapid
video output for more deliberate measurement , have been developed. These microscopes could help diagnose cancer, arthritis, and problems in newborns’ brains. Using atwin axis waterproof MEMS scanner, domestic researchers Professor Kim Chul Hong (IT), Lee Chang Ho (IT Ph.D.), Professor Lim Geun Bae (ME), and Kim JinYeong (ME Ph.D.) developed a photo-acoustic microscope that has a wider range of abilities and is fifty times faster than the previous one. This discovery was presented in Scientific Report. An example of photo-acoustic effect is thunder. The effect occurs when materials absorb light. In the step of changing to photo energy, the gas makes a sound wave, called a photo-acoustic effect. Using laser with a short pulse , when organization is penetrated, a photo-acoustic signal detected by ultrasonic wave occurs. This technology has potential in that it does not need contrast media, which CT and MRI require, and it has high sensibility that detects colors better than current scanning devices.