Simply Imprinted Transparent Electrode makes Flexible Solar Cell
Simply Imprinted Transparent Electrode makes Flexible Solar Cell
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.11.19 11:10
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The team of Professor Lee Jong-Lam (MSE) and Ham Ju Young (MSE Ph.D. candidate) developed transparent electrode technology that can be used to create flexible solar cells. This technology was selected as the October cover paper in the material field journal Advanced Energy Materials.
The research team formed nano pattern into polymer and maximized the light scattering, using nanoimprint technology, which imprints things coated by UV ink like stamping. Also, they used Pohang Light Source’s beamline and revealed that the electric field created from the boundary between polymer and metal causes light absorption, which inhibits solar cell development. The electrode the team developed has greater electrical conductivity and could become the greatest substitute for  Indum Tin Oxcide (ITO).
Prof. Lee, who led the research, said that transparent electrodes can be applied not only to organic solar cells but also to well-flexible or folding technology. These electrodes could play an important role in commercializing wearable and flexible electronic equipment.

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