Everything is Important to Me
Everything is Important to Me
  • Jin-Hyuk Yoon (ME 14)
  • 승인 2014.11.19 11:08
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Review: What are Postechians's Obsession?

When I got an e-mail for a survey about my obsession, I was really curious about what kind of examples that the person conducting the survey had received. As I saw, there are examples like GPA, social relationships, romantic relationships, and so on. I thought that Postechians are obsessed with almost all the same things.
After finishing the survey, I started to think about what I’m really obsessed with. Actually, from the time I was a middle school student, the most important thing for me was relationships with the people around me, including my friends. I was really obsessed with it. But as time passed, many other important things such as GPA, games, romantic relationships, etc. started to interfere. This gave me lots of troubles, and still the fact that there are many things that I have to focus on makes me hard sometimes.
I became obsessed with something when I think it is really important, and I’m pretty sure that other people are the same. So, as the article said, obsession makes people focus, but sometimes it backfires: it can make people feel down and depressed. I think that’s because it makes people lose their time to spend on other important things. As time passes and as we grow up, many things rise to surface that we have to focus on. For Postechians, as the survey shows, GPA is the most important and next is social relationships, romantic relationships, SNS, games, and so on. People can be obsessed with many kinds of things even if they are obsessed with one thing deeply. As I said, this is why obsession has negative aspects and this is the most important part that we have to focus on.
Then how can we use obsession as a positive tool? I think one of the good ways for avoiding obsession’s bad aspects is balance. For me, and I am sure for everyone, GPA, social relationships, and other things are all equally important. As we focus on one thing, we lose focus somewhere else. But there are certain things we can’t give up. That’s because those things make us who we are. I’m not saying that we should become perfect people on every aspect that we have to focus on. I just want to say that we have to admit that we have our own limitation. All people have their own values and those values are all different. If we admit that we can’t be perfect so we become generous to ourselves and choose our own values, then it’ll be easy to use obsession as a good tool. This is my own solution for avoiding bad obsession. I hope that all Postechians can find a way to avoid the negative aspects of obsession and can chase their own values with minimum failure and frustration.