POSTECH Ranks First in Assessment of Joongang Ilbo
POSTECH Ranks First in Assessment of Joongang Ilbo
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2014.11.05 01:32
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POSTECH ranked first at the university assessment by Joongang Ilbo for the second consecutive year. It evaluated about one hundred universities in Korea based on four criteria: globalization (50), research by professor (100), conditions of education (90) and reputation and alumni networks (60). Each criterion is further divided into 6 to 11 detailed criteria. In globalization it evaluates the number of exchange students and foreign professors, as well as the percentage of courses taught in English. In research it focuses on research funding and the number of theses per professor. In the third criteria the number of students per professor and amount of scholarships provided are important. In the final category, reputation of the university among its students, the society and local companies was important.  POSTECH received 235.58 (33.1, 88.85, 74.8 and 38.83 respectively) followed by KAIST, SungKyunKwan University, Korea University and SNU. POSTECH maintained its first place position in research, and in reputation and conditions of education POSTECH held steady at 10th and 2nd respectively. But in globalization POSTECH decreased four steps from 13th to 17th. KAIST received six points less than POSTECH. KAIST scored slightly higher than POSTECH in globalization, reputation, and alumni networks, but in research POSTECH made up the difference and then some.

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