Difficulties Getting Back to School
Difficulties Getting Back to School
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:02
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Nowadays, a lot of university students, including Postechians, choose to apply for a leave of attendance from school for various reasons. For whatever reason, it is obvious that quite a lot of students, who took time off from school, are having problem when they returned back to the school. These students had trouble for mainly three reasons: getting along with people, catching up his studies, and the lack of time to prepare for the graduation.
First, many students, who returned to school after taking time off, are balled up because of the people around them. One of the interviewees said that he was in panic when he returned back to the school because seniors, who they knew before, were gone. They already graduated. Also, there are new freshmen everywhere in the school who are total strangers to the students who returned back to school. Furthermore, when they are taking classes, they have to take with students in the lower grade unless they change their classes. For these reasons, they become very busy trying to get to know all these new people in the first few weeks of the semester. Of course, some students choose to ignore these things and focus on studying to get good grades, but most are not able to do so.
Second, many students returning to school say that they get the feeling that they don’t have much time left. In most cases, people choose to take time off from school when they are in junior or senior years. When they were freshman or sophomore, they thought that they had a lot of time until they graduate. However, when they return back to school, they suddenly realize that many of their friends are going to graduate soon and they too have less than 2 years. Their friends are already getting ready for what they are going to do after graduation. Watching other people having their own ways, returning students are under pressure to quickly develop a plan.
Third, under these pressures, many students naturally try to focus on studying. Nonetheless, they say that their brain does not work like before. Students usually do not study when they take time off from school. Therefore, they usually forget what they had learned in the previous years. For instance, another interviewee said that he especially had trouble in mathematics. He said that he even forgot the simplest formulas in math. One day, he could not think of how to integrate 1 over x so he had trouble doing his homework. The other day, he forgot basic formulas of trigonometric function so he had to search the Internet for each one.
In conclusion, there are three main difficulties returning back to the school: getting along with new people, pressure of having less time to prepare for the graduation, and catching up with studies. Postechians, who are trying to take time off from school, will have to keep these things in mind since these things can change their campus lives in a completely different way.