Keep Calm and Take a Rest
Keep Calm and Take a Rest
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:18
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These days, people cannot rest anywhere even at home. They always receive too many messages, calls, and Kakao Talk alerts. They cannot put down their phones, which remind them of people, tasks, studies, and other events. Sales people continue to worry about their task at work after getting off work and students have a burden about studying, homework, and team projects whenever they see Kakao Talk and other’s activity on Facebook, even during weekends. However, people cannot constantly worry without taking any rest. At least on the weekend, people have to postpone their curiosity about how their work is going and take time to refresh from the hard work of the week. “Keep calm and take a rest”, is a very important sentence, but hard to keep.
There are countries in South Africa  where people rest appropriately. They have a culture of “Manana”, which means “tomorrow” or “later” in Spanish. It sometimes contains the idea of postponing today’s work until tomorrow. All work systems of a company stop right after 5 P.M. and they go out to enjoy their life. In contrast, most modern people cannot enjoy their life cheerfully. Efficiency gradually decreases because of accumulated stress. The Manana ability, the ability to stop and rest and feel what one wants at that moment, is indeed required to live a pleasant life and be grateful to it. It can also increase the efficiency of work. If there is no cease among competition and work, people cannot endure. Many may feel the meaningless of life and futility about what they obtain from the hard life. It is time to change the method of dealing with life. Your life wants you to enjoy it, not to try so hard that you lose real euphoria in life. Just do it tomorrow. Stop worrying so much about tomorrow. The continuous worry about tomorrow cannot make it better, rather it prevents you from doing your best at that time tomorrow.
Many people experience “Monday blues” because they cannot rest properly on the weekend, not because they enjoyed it too much, just drank too much or slept all day to forget about their work, but because they remembered it at the same time. Many people already know they would not do anything on Saturday, but they are afraid of making a promise with friends and going out to watch a movie in the obsession that sitting on chair to try a little more is more important than efficiency. Don’t be too nervous about what will happen if you postpone something a few hours. Just go on a picnic with friends without worries. It is enough to prepare the next week from Sunday afternoon, not from Saturday morning.