The Many Forgotten and New-born Clubs in POSTECH
The Many Forgotten and New-born Clubs in POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:17
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These days, Postechians are busy doing many club activities. POSTECH has many kinds of clubs that Postechians can enjoy. Even if most clubs in POSTECH are popular and active, there were some clubs that couldn’t attract Postechians’ attention. Those clubs don’t exist now and are being forgotten by Postechians.
Clubs that disappeared in 2010 were MODERATO and Haegeomji. MOEDRATO, called classic music listening association, was the club that sought to improve musical attainments through listening to classical music. Haegeomji was the kendo club that pushed Postechians to train their minds and bodies. The kind of kendo done in this club was Haedonggeomdo, a Korean traditional martial art.
Unlike 2010, in 2011, mostly academic clubs disappeared. GFEL (Global Financial & Economic Leaders) had members who studied and made human networks to become global economic and financial experts. Samteo, which literally translates into “a living area”, was a traditional culture club focused on promoting understanding and application of traditions. The Historic Site Exploration Association, in which students explored historic sites and discussed history, also died out.
In 2012, Cesim, Buddhist Student Association, ARCANA, and FLOURISH were gone. Cesim was a martial arts club that aspired to reviewing 18 kinds of martial arts that came from China. The Buddhist Student Association studied and presented laws of Buddhism and promoted friendship among members. ARCANA revolved around tarot card use, and FLOURISH was a magic club.
Until recently, many clubs have had no choice but to quit meetings. In 2013, the club, SAVE disappeared. This club did various activities to increase Postechians’ environmental awareness and attention about global environment. In 2014, Postechians are unable to see FOCUS (movie club) and PIG (POSTECH Investment Group).
The reason these clubs disappeared is that they couldn’t meet the conditions required to register as a club. In order to register, clubs must satisfy two conditions. One is the number of members of club. If the number of members is smaller than 15, that club cannot be registered. The other condition is whether there is an advisor professor or not. The registered clubs must have at least one advisor professor.
There are also new-born clubs. Last year, Gaegeunseong, meaning plenty of will, was newly formed. This club encourages members to improve physical strength through cycling. This year, OPCA (Original POSTECH Cast), Musical Club, and BGM (Board Game Mania) were newly registered. Also, the magic club WINE (What is seen is not everything) is the new pre-registered magic performance club.