Numerous Medals obtained in Human Tech Paper Award
Numerous Medals obtained in Human Tech Paper Award
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.03.19 14:26
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Postechians swept the “2014 20th Human Tech Paper Award” held by Samsung Electronics and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science Technology and Korea JoongAng Daily on Feb. 12. The award is given to domestic and foreign high school or college students with potential to promote the advancement of science and technology in Korea.
Among 1,982 papers from 151 high schools and universities, the Gold Prize of college part was given to Yanghee Song (MSE Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Lee Jong Lam) and Silver Prizes were given to Sungchan Yun (ME Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Geunbae Lim), Dong Whi Choi (ME Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Dong Sung Kim) and Kwon Oh Chan (CSE B.S., Advisor Prof. Hwangjun Song). Bronze prizes were awarded to Song Kyung (MSE Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Oh Sang Ho), Seunghoon Hong (CSE Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Bohyung Han), and participation prizes were given to Ko Won-Seok (MSE M.S.-Ph.D. integrated, Advisor Prof. Lee Byeong Joo), Hong-Kyu Seo (MSE Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Tae Woo Lee), Hyun-Soo Ha (EE Ph.D., Advisor Prof. Sim Jae-Yoon), Minjung Son (CSE Post Doctor, Advisor Prof. Seungyong Lee) and Taesung Lee (CSE M.S.-Ph.D. integrated, Advisor Prof. Seung-won Hwang).

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