Lessons Obtained from Research Know-How
Lessons Obtained from Research Know-How
  • Choi Ga Eun (LIFE 12)
  • 승인 2014.03.05 16:47
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Review: How to Get Through Graduate School Life?

After Postechians graduate POSTECH, many enter a graduate school. This may be because they have a goal that they want to study and make huge achievements in that field. I also hoped to research in life science; so, I thought about entering graduate school. In good time, I read an article that was in the last issue and received a lot of advices through it. Moreover, I can apply these tips in not only graduate school, but also dream and life.
First, the article said to find what to research. Reading this sentence, I wondered what I want to heartily do and realized what I want to research. All of you may have your own dreams, but it is able to change with time. Rather, changing is natural. Before POSTECH matriculation, my will to become a researcher was strong. But as time goes by, it has weakened and even I am considering getting a job that is not at all related to my major. However, it was a chance that I can think about my dream more seriously and now I feel thankful for spending time concerning about my job before I make a certain decision. Therefore, I think if you use your time in order to determine what you wanted to do is really what you want, you will make a progress in your lives.
Next, in the article, it was written that to communicate with other people, make list of priorities and finish it in those orders are important. It is the same in your lives. While you are living, everything does not go as well as your thoughts. As puddles are on the road and trees block the road that you are walking, you are bound to meet some obstacles. However, these can be thought as chances to get better rather than considering them as hardship. This is because you can increasingly develop yourselves by overcoming adversities and it will produce better consequences. In those days, you might have been in deathly agony because of them. But in the future, if you carry your thoughts back, you may feel that they were not extreme difficulties like your thoughts. Thus, if you consider hardships as new challenges given to you, you will make great results.
Through the article that I read accidentally, I realized how I received useful tips about graduate school and life. Likewise, I think there tips that are casually missed in the world. If you meet new things, you are able to know more and associate them with awareness. Although most of you may already be familiar with the topic, I hope that you do not pass it up, thinking that you have lived accordingly to it.