Postechians Engage as Creative Campus Planners
Postechians Engage as Creative Campus Planners
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.12.04 22:16
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Since Oct. 2, The Leadership Center has been advertising the 3rd annual Creative Contents Contest. This contest was created to promote Postechians to develop skills that the 21st century requires of global leaders. Through such contest, the Leadership Center hopes that Postechians can improve critical, creative and logical thinking abilities as well as communication skills.
The center received applications from Oct. 2- Oct. 27, and on Oct. 18, students were encouraged to participate in the creative planning school. The deadline for project outlines was Nov. 3. Originally, the first cut was to be announced on Nov. 8, but due to the numerous participating teams, composed of three people each, the announcement was postponed until Nov. 11. Due to the huge increase of 33 teams, the number of teams who made the first cut increased from six teams to nine teams. On Nov. 22, each of the nine teams was given 5 minutes to present their ideas, mainly on either creating an artistic campus, or designing an ABC class that Postechians are in need of.
The team who wins the first prize is awarded with a total of 900,000 KRW, the second 600,000 KRW, and the third 300,000 KRW. This year, two teams were elected for second and third prize each. Furthermore, there was also a prize of 300,000 KRW for the most popular idea. First prize went to Lee Jongwon (MSE 10), Song Su-Beom (MSE 10), and Ahn Min Kyeong (IME 11). Second prize went to Kim Changhoe (EE 10), Kyoungjin Kim (EE 10), Park baekwon (CHEM 10), Yu Sun Chung (LIFE 12), Ga Eun Choi (LIFE 12), Jeong Seong Ju (LIFE 12). Third prize went to Yu Tae Jong (ME 10), Kim Min Kyung (ME 12), In Ah Yeong (LIFE 12), Seong Hwan Lee (LIFE 12), Minhui Noh (LIFE 12), and Yu Hyesu (LIFE 12). The popular prize went to Sun Jin Ryu (LIFE 12), An A Ju (CiTE 12), and Ryu JiHyeon (IME 12).

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