Be the True Master
Be the True Master
  • Liu Xiao
  • 승인 2013.11.06 14:39
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The article “Enlarging the Advertisement Scale” in the last The Postech Times talked about how the Science War between POSTECH and KAIST is not appealing enough to be advertised more broadly, according to External Relations and Communications. The writer appeals to us to be the true masters of our own festival.
First, please ask yourself a question, “Do you want to go to see the festival?” Most answer might be “Of course, I’d like to go because I’m a member of POSTECH. While it’s kind of boring, because the competitions are not so exciting, and the performance is similar, and …”
From the answer, we can see that everyone went to see the festival with mixed feelings. On one hand, they love POSTECH, and they want to watch this main competition for Postechians. On the other hand, there indeed are some problems in this festival.
So, what we should do is just find these problems and solve them. Since everyone has experienced this festival, everyone must have a lot of ideas for improvement. I recommend that the Student Union survey all students about this festival. The questions should address both advantages and disadvantages of the present festival schedule and events. Additionally, students should describe their dream festival. Putting our heads together, we must have a lot of creative ideas. Then, according to the collected results, we would break our big goal into many small goals, and try our best to solve each of them. Only by making these small things better, can we make our festival more attractive.
Just like you don’t want to see a boring movie again even though its advertisement is amazing, it is the festival itself that must attract people. If the festival is fantastic, everyone will become enthusiastic to go even if there is no advertisement. Nevertheless, External Relations and Communications won’t agree to keep the present scale of advertisement when our dream festival comes true.
By the way, I really want to thank the students who organize and take part in this festival. They devoted a lot of time and hard work to it. However, the festival belongs to all students. Not only one person or department is responsible for it. I believe that so long as we make concerted efforts, we can make it.