Hackathon, Running With Programs Rather Than Shoes
Hackathon, Running With Programs Rather Than Shoes
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2013.10.16 12:14
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From Oct. 5 3 P.M. to Oct. 6 3 P.M., the first POSTECH Hackathon only for POSTECH undergraduate students was hosted by PoApper in Tae-Joon Park Library room 502.
Hackathon combines elements of hacking and a marathon. People create new programs or services in a given time. The participants of POSTECH Hackathon were given 24hours and allowed to go out during the competition. The only stipulation was that the time outside the classroom could not exceed 12 hours.
Developing services includes not only programming but also planning the service and systems, making UI and UX, testing, design, and maintenance, all of which are needed to produce a service. Therefore, the participants of Hackathon were divided into three parts: planners, programmers, and designers. Nine teams participated in the contest; four teams and three individuals won awards.
In addition, Professor KYU-MAN JEONG (Daegu university) gave lectures about the strategy for developing contents of smartphone and basis of mobile programming on Oct.1- 2 in Tae-Joon Park Library. He is a judge and member of the development committee of the K-Hackathon of Yeong-nam district.

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