Future of Pohang’s Industry-Academic Cooperation
Future of Pohang’s Industry-Academic Cooperation
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.09.25 15:28
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Several people from the Advance Pohang Forum (AP Forum), which is for future planning of Pohang, visited Seattle and Pittsburgh for ten days’ benchmarking and returned to Korea on Jul. 21. This group consists a total of 13 people, including President Yongmin Kim, Choi Byunggon, who is the chairman of the Pohang Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other local entrepreneurs.
To observe the well-developed industry-academic cooperation in Seattle and Pittsburg, they visited several global corporations located in these cities, such as Microsoft and Boeing. One of the visitors said, “It was impressive that even the world’s greatest corporations have great resp-onsibilities for the development of the local community.”Also, after visiting the University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Pittsburgh, they claimed that universities should not only function as the place of education and research, but also establish a close relationship with the local society so outstanding individuals from a university can stay in the local community.
These visitors said in chorus that it was possible enough for the positive change and development of Pohang, provided that both industrial and academic fields are willing to work in harmony for the local community.
They were planning to make a report of their visit shortly and to discuss the development of Pohang in AP Forum, sharing with other local businessmen and city councils.

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