Prof. You, Two-time Winner of Ergonomic Design Award
Prof. You, Two-time Winner of Ergonomic Design Award
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:43
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Professor Heecheon You (IME) and researchers of the Ergonomic Design Technology Laboratory were awarded the electronic and IT grand prize and the furniture and daily products excellence prize in the 2013 Ergonomic Design Award (EDA) ceremony in UNIST on May 23. The ceremony is managed by Ergonomics Society of Korea. EDA is given for the product or software that has the most convenient and safe ergonomic value. Evaluations are based on convenience, function, aesthetic sense, and safety.
The grand prize was given for “Dr. Liver”, a 3D virtual liver surgery plan, which had been developed by joint research with Chonbuk National University Hospital in 2009 and has been sold through “humanopia” since Sep. 2012. The work offers doctors precise anatomic information of liver. As a result, it enhances safety and rationality of operation.
The work of excellence prize was awarded foran oxygen mask for Korean pilots, which was developed under the support of Air Force Logistics Command. The mask is suitable to a typical Korean face and it is expected to be supplied in Asia by 2014.

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