Battery Capacity Doubled, Charging Time Halved
Battery Capacity Doubled, Charging Time Halved
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.03.06 19:32
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The research group, which consists of Professor Jinwoo Lee (CE), Jongkook Hwang (CE Ph.D. candidate), and Prof. Kyu Tae Lee of the Interdisciplinary School of Green Energy in UNIST, succeeded in synthesizing Sn-embedded carbon-silica mesostructured  composites using “one-pot” method.
As mobile equipments like smart phone, tablet PC have come into wide use, performance of battery became a major problem. This research group developed a technology that can increase battery capacity and reduce charging time of battery.
Using the composites, capacity of lithium-ion battery can be doubled and charging time of battery can be reduced from three to four hours to minimally one hour. Most of all, the new method takes three to four days to synthesize, much shorter than almost two weeks required by existing method, using self-assembly of block copolymer.
The research group is planning to research about applying silicon to battery with this method. Silicon is expected to increase battery capacity ten times larger.
The product was announced at ACS NANO, global prestige press, published by American Chemical Society.