Need for the Female Student Association?
Need for the Female Student Association?
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.11.21 23:11
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Among the various student organizations in POSTECH, many students started to question the necessity of the Female Student Association. As POSTECH greets its 25th anniversary, so does this organization. In the past it was obvious that women’s rights needed to be fought for in both society and POSTECH. As many years have passed, however, women have grasped their rights as equals in society; thus, the need for women associations has decreased. On this basis, a few male students have complained that the Female Student Association is unnecessary and, perhaps, even a discrimination against men.
Although all members of the Female Student Association are female students at POSTECH, the staff includes both male and female students. This year, the association is composed of 12 female students and 11 male students. A male staff member, Lee Hoon (CE 10), stated, “Although this association may not be needed in society, in our school, this association is needed to protect female students whose rights have been both unconsciously and consciously violated.” Another male staff member, Jeong Seong-ju (LIFE 12), reasoned that the Female Student Association exists because “the number of male students overpowers the number of female students.” Though this seems like a reasonable response, a few students still rebut the statement by asking why there are no organizations for other minorities, such as students with disabilities or homosexuals. The current President of the Female Student Association, Park Eunbin (LIFE 10), argues that that exact point is the reason for the need of this association. “No hesitates to admit that the absolute minorities, such as students with disabilities, need support. For that reason, everyone tries to be considerate towards them. On the other hand, even though female students are a minority in our school, the fact that their needs are less apparent often means their needs are neglected.
If the basis for the Female Student Association’s existence is concrete, why are students questioning such matters? One reason is that the association’s intangible goals make it to show tangible, immediate results. Moreover, female POSTECH students’ rights are not violated every day. Since immediate action from the Female Student Association isn’t necessary every day, some people think the association itself is unnecessary.
The association is not entirely free from blame. It has not clearly expressed the need for its identity to the student body if the students are questioning the need for such an association. Once the need for the Female Student Association is clearly conveyed to the rest of the student body, then the purpose of the various activities provided to the female students will be recognized as well. The next President of this association, Jang Hae-ji (IME 11), plans to bolster the association’s image by “enhancing the quality of the programs that the Female Student Association is already operating.”
A final note is that although the process of getting rid of an organization may be simple, the re-establishment of any organization is relatively difficult. Unfortunate events do not often occur, but if a female student’s rights are violated by means such as sexual harassment, and the Female Student Association is not available anymore, it is to the student’s disadvantage. To resolve the conflicts about the existence of the Female Student Association, the organization needs to convey its necessity more effectively, while those who question its existence need to try understanding the discomforts that the female students might have as minorities in POSTECH.